7 Tips to Build and Love Your Business


There is no reason why business and satisfaction should be separate concepts. Building a career with success should bring with it a sense of fulfillment, so if you’re making a living but dread your daily commute or traveling too often, it’s time for a career change.

Building a new business or career and loving what you do are not mutually exclusive. As an Alternative career coach, I help guide dozens of professionals out of their mundane jobs and into businesses that they both own and love. Below are seven tips to build your next career and reach your goals

  1. Identify your I.L.W.E. goals: In order to build a business around something in line with your goals, you must first identify what your goals are. Take a moment to evaluate. Ignore your current position, skill set and experiences and think about what your ideal income, lifestyle wealth and equity (I.L.W.E.) situation is. I have tools that can help you identify these ideals.
  2. Determine a method: A business coach can help you determine if your ideal career can create a viable business model on its own, or if franchising is the right method for you. With franchise opportunities in just about every industry, chances are you can find a business ownership opportunity that aligns perfectly with your values.
  3. Build a presence: Even if you decide to open your own franchise, your business will need to be promoted to be successful. Marketing, advertising and public relations can help you get your company’s name out to your target audience and build a presence in the marketplace.
  4. Be the expert: Successful business ownership is more than just sales as consumers need to trust your credibility and judgement. Become the expert in your community, even if that means further training or education.
  5. Balance your work and life: If you’re pouring countless hours into your career, chances are your work-life balance is off kilter. It’s important to have some down time so that you can refresh your thinking and refocus on what’s important.
  6. Build a team: The people around your business can help you maintain a joyful working environment. By hiring qualified individuals that fit your business model, you can concentrate on how to grow your brand.
  7. Ask for help: Look for support from colleagues, partners, and business coaches so you can better identify the aspects of business management that you need to work on. Another way to get help is to become a franchise owner. This way, you receive corporate support for branding and business practices, but still get to act independently.

You can love what you do and be successful at the same time. To find out how you can love what you do and create a more than comfortable way of life for you and your family, study the above tips and contact me today.

Working with an Alternative Career Coach can be of benefit to those questioning their career paths. A Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source® can help talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment and help you discover if it may be the right career choice for you to achieve self-sufficiency  

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Good comments, Max. Would you be interested in doing a presentation at an upcoming meeting?


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