Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is a great way to stay up to date on your items of interest without visiting page after page every day. When you "subscribe" to an RSS feed, you are telling your computer to go get the latest data periodically for you and download it to your local reader. Your reader depends on the platform your working on...Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

On a Mac, it is very easy to subscribe to an RSS feed. Here is a great video from Apple explaining how to use Safari and Mail to subscribe to a feed.

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On a Windows machine using Outlook it requires a little more work but works just the same. Here is a slightly annoying youtube video showing how to add an RSS feed to your Outlook.

Now that you know how to add an RSS feed to your desktop client; you may want to subscribe to some of the feeds on our site. For example: if you subscribe to the events RSS feed, you will automatically know when a new event has been added to the site without having to visit day after day.

Also, if you check the right side of the main page, you will see the "Latest Activity" section. If you follow that section down, you will see an RSS feed link. You can use this link to know if anyone does anything on the site! Awesome!

I hope this is useful for this site and for any others you visit regularly.

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