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EOKers in the news

In today's (Friday, June 3rd) Knoxville News Sentinel there is an article on the front of the business section detailing a new startup by 3 EOKers (Leonard Knight, Zane Hagy, & JR Charles).  The name of the company is "Taking IT Home".  Please read more below at:




It looks very…


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Free Small Biz training from UT

Fri, Nov 5, 2010 11:00am…

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Spruz presentation

I missed the Wed. meeting, but watched the Spruz presentation over lunch today and it was very informative. I was aware of the company, but did not know what they do. I recommend watching it.

I plan on attending the followup.…


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Innovation Valley Technology Council hosting Junior Achievement meeting next week

For anyone interested in our kid's education and starting entrepreneurs out with a good foundation, the event below will be of interest to you. The Tech Council hosts monthly meetings on different topics. This month will be about Junior Achievement ( http://easttennessee.ja.org/ ). Please see the information below for details and how to reserve a spot.…


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Out of the Garage

There is a lot of new content (including videos) on the Out Of The Garage Blog site.


Two recent videos include a update on VC funding in ET, and some lessons learned by Mike Carroll, a successful ET entrepreneur.

It is worth your time to check these out.

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EOK in the news

On the front page of the business section of today's News Sentinel is a column by Carly Harringon about the slow economy. It mentions EOK and has a couple of quotes by Leo Knight. It is worth a read and the link is listed below:


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Looking for Quickbooks expert

We are very close to having moved our company (SensorMed) over to Quickbooks. However, there are a few items that we can't quite figure out. Are there any Quickbooks experts out there? Based on the hours we have already put into it, iI think it would only take another hour or so to finish things up. If anyone knows of a Quickbooks guru, please let us know.

William Milam

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EOKer Kimberly Lauth in the News

Please see today's (7/24) News Sentinel for a very nice article about Kimberly. Carly Harrinton has a column on the front of the business section and did a very good job in lighlighting Kimberly's non-profit entreprenueral path and current focus. Please read it if you get a chance.

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EOKer Patricia Bell in the news

Congrats to Patricia Bell on her selection to Leadership Blount class of 2010! Patricia, I hope it is a rewarding experience for you. Good luck.

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Shawn Van Dyke in today's paper

Please see today's (Friday 2/27) front page of the business section to see a column showcasing Shawn and his new Web 2.0 related business.


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Some good news for entrepreneurs

Please see link below for commentary on the current economic situation and it shouldn't affect new company plans.


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Web-based resume resource

For free-lancers, and others wanting your name and accomplishments more visible, please see the weblink below -


They have an on-line resume publishing service. However, I don't know how good it really is - just something to try.

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Tech2020 Learning/Networking Events

I highly recommend Tech2020 Learning and Networking events for technical entrepreneurs (and those that support us). I have always found these events to be worth my time (and time is our most valuable asset). I have utilized their services for 3+ years. Let me know if you have any questions about their programs.

William Milam

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