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DrScot Seeks Marketing Partners!

Hey, gang!  For the past several months, my new company: "4 Aces Web Consulting" (dot com) has been prototyping and launching small biz and professionals' websites in 6 cities. We have 38 of them in the #1 position on Google, and they include "matching" Facebook Fan Pages.  I'm looking for some "affiliates" who might know business owners in Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Kissimmee FL, and Carson City, NV - especially Lasik Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists,… Continue

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Knoxville TN Air Conditioning Repair - New Website Launch!

Knoxville TN Air Conditioning Repair - a new website being launched by former EOK Trainer, "DrScot." The Knoxville TN Air Conditioning Repair website is competing in the VERY high density online space for "Knoxville Heating and Air" and "Knoxville Air Conditioning Service" companies. We'll see how we do in this very competitive space in Knoxville Web Design... This is a great… Continue

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Knoxville Web Design

A new website - Knoxville Web Design Pro for local businesses interested in all aspects of taking their off-line store or professional services effectively ON-Line! Local Search Marketing and Website Structure advisor guarantees 1st page of Google listing for your new website. Call DrScot @ 865-310-9385 .

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Nevis Island - Caribbean Land for Sale!

Nevis Island Land for Sale! Ever dream of owning part of a Caribbean Island? Check out - a website listing a prime Nevis Caribbean Land for Sale project. Nevis Island is a small and very luxurious "non-touristy" spot in the West Indies. It is part of the federation of Nevis / St. Kitts. This two-acre building site is situated near the town of Charlestown, Nevis, and also very near one of the top resorts in… Continue

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Knoxville Internet Marketing 101

Want to learn more about Internet Marketing for your small business here in Knoxville? Join us at the EOK Small Business Training - Wed. December 2nd @ 10:00 am. DrScot will show you the tricks for successfully using Internet Marketing to boost your Knoxville Business. Keywords! Website page structure. Web 2.0 linking strategies. Examples of Internet Marketing sites that rapidly nailed the first page of Google! We'll follow… Continue

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Review: - Beta Reviewers wanted!

Hey, everyone! Just put up a trial site for a friend of mine and would appreciate a few "reviews" of how the site looks/functions. We want to get this up to #1 on Google for the Keyword "Knoxville Index Annuity." Any and all feedback appreciated! (email me your thoughts here at EOKHQ, about )

George Lucke's site at:… Continue

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Transforming Your Debt Into Wealth!

Hey everybody! Check out George Lucke's new website, about how to Transform Debt Into Wealth... Get Out of Debt with an "automated" Debt Elimination System that is straight up, and very much like a 401k where you actually Invest in your debt - with a huge rate of return.

You can download his Free 90 page book: "Back Into Black" - Transforming Your Debt Into Wealth!

--… Continue

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Session #3 - List Building, and Database Marketing!

Hey Everybody!

Don't forget tomorrow (Wed.) at 10:00 AM where we'll be going over the keys to List Building, and Database Marketing, and Email Follow-ups for your business... Including DrScot's 52 Week Marketing Calendar! Bring a friend, and take LOTS of notes, as the MONEY is IN the LIST!

-- DrScot

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USP = "Unique Selling Proposition" ... Will be the first topic of our EOK Training program, in the "meeting after the meeting" starting Wed. AM @ 10, in two weeks or so... Complete with "Cheat Sheet." -- DrScot

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Internet Mktg Training... FR.E.E.!!!

Ed Dale and the boys from Australia are at it again! 30 days of superb, and training on every aspect of Internet Marketing for real! Also a free trial of Market Samurai - the world busting keyword and market research tool. Check it out at:
Started Aug. 1, but modularized and you can catch up quick. -- DrScot

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Pub Night!

Hey, incredible!!! Just about more NEW MEMBERS showed up at Pub Night at Barley's, than us "regulars." Great BEER and great conversation, and great new projects to help along... Hope all the new folks will grace us with their presence and introductions at our next Wednesday AM meet-up!

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New Stuff Coming to EOK...

Great meeting today, with much commentary about next phase of EOK. Looking for "rubber to the road" Case Studies, and "How We Can Help" in specific examples with our members.

Barley's at 5:30 Thursday -- beer and great thinktankery!

- DrScot

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GREAT 1st "Pub Night" !!!

Great TIME! We need to do that MORE OFTEN!

-- DrScot

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Biggest Biz Challenge for 2009

Hey Gang! We're looking at "Content" for our Small Biz Training Podcasts/Webinars for 2009. So...

What's your three Biggest Challenges you foresee for your biz in 2009?

We'd like to address these challenges and help pick them OFF one by one, during the first quarter of the year.

Email me here or post. We'll pick the best topics and make sure we get EOK members the info needed to win-out in 2009 (regardless of the so-called "lousy" economy!).

Happy… Continue

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Free "PhD" in Niche Marketing on the Web

Ed Dale and his group in Australia has posted a FREE 30-day intensive course on Niche Mktg on the Web. Incredible information and format. Videos, PDF's and step-by-step instructions in everything from Keyword Research, to SEO and building profitable websites. Invaluable! Sign in for FREE at:

Ed and his team go through EVERYTHING, including Firefox research plug-ins, free… Continue

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