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The Price of Free

Recently, I ran into an acquaintance that is an aspiring inventor, and asked how her product development was going.  The last time we had seen each other she was very excited and upbeat; she was scheduled to meet with someone from an organization that provides free business advice.  Yes…she knows I’m a professional business advisor…but she didn’t feel it was the right stage to talk with me.  I was completely shocked to find out at our recent encounter that she had abandoned her projects as a…


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The Wisdom of EOK

This morning I came across this article about crowd sourcing;  At first I thought to myself that as usual EOK is ahead of the curve; we’ve been offering crowd sourcing opportunities to our members for years.  I was also amused that millions of dollars in grant money is going to be allotted to study…


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Go Big or Go Home

We’ve all heard size doesn’t matter.  Well the elephant in the room is that size does matter!  Am I talking about actual size? Absolutely not.  I’m talking about effort; you can’t reach big dreams without putting in big effort.

In the old days, yes a mere 10 to 15 years ago, you had to really put out effort to start a business.  Before the internet it might take 6 months or more to research and write a business plan.  Then there was all of the other daunting start-up…


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EOK: Getting Back to Our Roots

As many of us know EOK sprang to life from Leonard Knight gathering together with some fellow business leaders over coffee to help one another with whatever issues they were facing.  This casual supportive environment was so successful that it grew beyond the confines of a coffee shop into what we now know and love as EOK!


Fortunately the increase in members has meant incredible opportunities for member success and extensive offerings to the Entrepreneurial community. …


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Time to Rise and Shine

The phrase “time to rise and shine” seems simple enough; it’s morning and you need to wake up.  For me this phrase has special meaning.  When I was growing up this was what I heard every morning; however, it wasn’t that simple.  Each morning my dad—who was a large man with a deep…


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