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Would You Explore Google Glass if You Could?

Earlier this month, I presented at an EOK meeting and talked about how Google Glass might be used in business. I highlighted some of the unique qualities of Glass such as hands-free communication, augmented reality capabiliy, and close-up view for recording and demonstrating. I also talked about some of the opportunities that exist for developers to create…


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Measuring Social Media ROI Isn't that Easy

Is measuring return on investment (ROI) an outdated concept when it comes to social media? I'm starting to believe it might be. After all, ROI implies that something has a tangible and measurable result that justifies the effort. What if something is so necessary that measuring it is a waste of time? Could that be where we are headed with social media?…


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An Amazing Marketing Story

I had the most amazing hangout today. I started a "Entrepreneurs Multi-hangout Event" as part of Startup Chautauqua. An unexpected guest (Luis Galarza) showed up and shared his story of launching a success restaurant  while accepting a bet me made to NOT MARKET the restaurant himself. With NO WEBSITE, NO ADS, NO COUPONS... he set out to create experiences inside his restaurants that others would share through social media. His restaurants have lines outside!

He couldn't even…


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10 Powerful Ways to Leverage the Social Collective

I have the opportunity to observe and learn about many organizations when I speak on social media. Most organizations are interested in providing members with an understanding of how social media can help their members individually, but rarely does an organization apply the techniques as a group to take advantage of the social collective.

Social Collective is one of the most powerful benefits any organization can provide. As a social collective, members can unite to expand their reach…


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Ten Take-Aways from Social Slam 2012

1. Kickstarter.com is a great funding site where entrepreneurs take a crowdsourcing approach to funding. 75% of kickstarter projects have made funding according to Mitch Joel.

2. Don't try to contain social media in one department. Make it part of your company's culture and make everyone responsible for integrating it into the plan.

3. Videos don't have to be expensive productions to serve a purpose. Make your own short video (a few minutes at most) and get your message…


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If USP Stood for Unique Socializing Position

If you attended yesterday's EOK quarterly workshop then you probably noticed that I was conspicuously chatting with strangers in a Google+ hangout while the speakers were presenting. Not only that, but my laptop was aimed so that the person speaking could see that I was busily typing away to the faces on the screen. Rude? Hardly. I was experimenting with unique ways to use social media to get others talking about us.…


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Hanging Out on GooglePlus is NOT a waste of Time

Many of you have heard me sing praises about Google+ hangouts, but don't really understand why meeting strangers on camera is good for business. It's not about meeting strangers, but about being accessible and available to meet people when they are looking for someone like you.

When I first joined Google+, I watched to see how people were using hangouts. A guy by the name of Peter Volke would hangout alone, waiting for someone to drop in. I looked at his profile and at the…


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My Love Hate Relationship with EOK

I can't begin to tell you how much I have grown since joining EOK. I started out looking for help with the basics, and ended up learning how to ask the hard questions, how to write a business plan, how to pitch an idea, and well, I could go on. I love all my fellow entrepreneurs who celebrate my successes with me. My time spent weekly at EOK has been so valuable.

So what's to hate? Well, at first I thought it was the new schedule. I got so much out of the weekly meetings and then they…


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Are You Guilty of Social Sabotage?

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, Twitter is a great place to be... if you're using it properly. If you're not, you may be guilty of social sabotage. For example:


It is possible to be too private.

Why would you want to protect your tweets? If you aren't revealing top secrets that only your closest friends should see, and you're not in any witness protection plan, let others follow with you! What is the harm? You can always unfollow or even…


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EOK Becoming More Visible on Twitter

I have been asked to help promote EOK on Twitter and am excited to get started. I would like to tell you about some of the things EOK will be embracing,  and to ask for your support:

  • We will start live tweeting during our morning sessions. Theo Aukerman has agreed to be our first live tweeter and we hope to eventually have enough volunteers to have two or three live tweeting. Live tweeting stirs interest in what we do and also allows members to get the highlights when we are…

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EOK Members Get Discount on Twitter Workshop

After sharing my story last Wednesday, I told several of you about a hands-on Twitter workshop I am offering March 31. I have set up a special link to allow EOK members to take advantage of special pricing. Here's the link:  https://kathibrowne.com/blog/discount/

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Twitter Flash Mob Planned

Some people were asking about the Twitter Flash mob that was mentioned at this morning's meeting.


In honor of Social Media Week (Feb 7-11), the first virtual flash mob will take place this Thursday from 4-4:15pm.  Participants are to change their profile pics to a solid black picture for the 15 minute period, mark all tweets with the hashtag #SMW2011, and tweet in binary. Here is a 3-minute video explaining how it will work:…


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