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What's This I Hear About Startup Business Incubators?

Sometimes it's great to get a fresh view on what it means to be a business incubator. When it comes to that sort of thing, Alexander Muse in Dallas can pack a whole lotta fresh views in a concise blog post. It starts out like this:…


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Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

I just ran across an entertaining yet serious video about local government barriers to starting a business. The main entertainment value comes from the extraordinary regulation of businesses in other parts of the United States.

Then I realized that Tennessee, local counties and municipalities might just have regulations that seriously impact small business startups. They don't have to…


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What Makes You an Entrepreneur? Tennessee Video Contest

Tennessee Open for Business is hosting a video contest.

The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development will use the winning entries in a department-produced video and print piece intended to identify and promote innovative entrepreneurs in Tennessee communities and encourage others to join them as small business owners.

There are several categories in the competition. Check it out!

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News on Co-Working Spaces in Knoxville

Carly Harrington posted a good article on new co-working spaces in Knoxville: Shared Spaces Fit for Business

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5 Lessons from 150 Startup Pitches

I would write a bit about the blog post, but it is easier for you to go there and check it out for yourself:

5 Lessons from 150 Startup Pitches

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Harvard Business School Elevator Pitch Tool

The Harvard Business School has published a tool to the Web called the "HBS Elevator Pitch Builder." Here is the URL: {updated 8/2/2016...the original article is no longer available}.

Here's a replacement article compliments of our friends at FormSwift 

I think there are some valuable lessons built into…


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UT Knoxville Conducting Seminars for Starting Your Own Business

Starting next week, UT Knoxville will be offering free seminars on starting your own business.

Interested? Check it out: UT Press Release

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Look for the Small Opportunities in the Big, Enormous Ideas

Over the years, I have seen many an entrepreneur become fixated on the "Next Big Thing". Instead of mastering the enormous opportunity, the project eats up all their resources or it gets kicked into the wastebin of abandoned projects, never to be seen again. Actually, that describes several of my projects that helped build experience for the occasional successes.

But as we know, experience is a very, very harsh and expensive thing. We didn't pursue the Next Big Thing because it was a… Continue

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Mark Cuban Reveals Illegal Internships

If you like following inventive entrepreneurs, Mark Cuban of Dallas should be on your short list. He has been successful at a number of technical and non-technical enterprises, he works hard, he works smart, and he posts his experiences constantly on his blog. So he is the rare accessible successful entrepreneur.

Lately, there have been intership presentations at EOK and elsewhere. Students and laid off workers are looking for ways to gain experience for obtaining their next job.… Continue

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Cheap Office Space Available

via knoxify and, "Anyone need Knoxville Office Space? We have some rooms available in our new facility"

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Ning Engineers Know Nothing of MetaWeblog API

I have to wonder at this point how deep their standards support is. I see a lot of information on OpenSocial and developing widgets for their social networking service, perhaps someone with direct knowledge and experience can comment here. I certainly hope that the Ning folks appreciate the difference between a standard API and a tool.

If you are wondering about the MetaWeblog API, you can check Wikipedia. Or contact Dave Winer, who is not closely associated with Windows Live Writer.… Continue

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The Curious Case of Following and Friending Confusion

Confession: I am a Twitter addict. I write pithy notes about tech, the stock market, aviation, or whatever. Follow me at if you dare.

Previous to my Twitter addiction, I was a fairly regular blogger. While blogging can be an addiction, those addicts requiring quick satisfaction and a more intimate relationship with their “audience” jumped to Twitter and like services long ago. Some became video bloggers.

I’m not one of those early adopters. In… Continue

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