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EOK Lunch at Lemon Grass got us a little press time....

From left to right in the photo: members - Mary Weaver, Dale Lee, Marty Lawson and Walt Lounsbery (board member)

EOK News:…


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INC magazine's article on Why Inc 500 CEO's are Smiling

The article in the March INC magazine on Why Inc CEO's are Smiling is very encouraging. They're getting ready for good times ahead - and they're creating jobs. 93.3% expect to hire employees within the next six months, 95.7% do not expect to lay off employees in the next six months, when asked how many employees they've hired in the last six months 65.5% responded 1-10. When asked how optimistic they are about 2010, 60% replied very optimistic with 38.9% somewhat optimistic.… Continue

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I'm back, well almost, I didn't make this morning's meeting :)

Hello everybody, I've certainly missed seeing everybody and some of you may have been wondering what in the world happened to Marty? Well it's not because Leo and I aren't working together anymore, although he did try to drive me crazy a couple of times :). I still think Leo is the greatest and he thinks I am (so far as I know) but I took the opportunity (not sure this is the right word) to have basal joint arthroplasty, hand surgery for arthritis of the basal joint. It was nothing like I… Continue

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Patrick Hunt has a new project, Circle Chirp

Patrick Hunt wants to let EOK know about his latest project, Circle Chirp (

A circle is like having your own personal Twitter about a particular topic that's important to you. So, for example, I created one for EOK at After you complete the registration, go to your Dashboard and enter in your Twitter credentials. All your posts and comments will be automatically tweeted with a short URL back to CircleChirp. This is a very early beta, but… Continue

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1st Wednesday of every month (NEW)

Starting in Septemeber we will be using the 1st Wednesday morning meeting of each month for a meet and greet. However we will want a few people each time to get up and for 3-5 mins tell a little about themselves. So be sure to come and join the fun! Those of you who want to be put on the list for talking email Marty Lawson.

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Wednesday Membership Meeting

This week we are having Nick Smith from the John Bailey Company and an EOK member. He will be talking about health insurance, which is something we all need. This has been the most requested topic on our topic list so hopefully everyone will come and join us. Please go to our weekly meetings tab and you will get a pull down for topic idea and let us have your ideas on what you would like to see in a meeting. Also if you would like to present at a… Continue

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Ten annoying meeting behaviors

Check out this link someone sent me today, I thought it might be helpful to some of you.

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Everyone should check out the new Business Journal

In the just delivered Business Journal there is a good article that includes EOK and they interviewed our own Leonard Knight for the article. Way to go Leo!

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