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Get Early Adopters to your Startup

EOK folks, you NEED to check out this new service called ErliBird!  It's a company that helps start-ups by bringing quality new users to your site.  These are "early adopter" users that are interested in innovative technology, entrepreneurs, new apps, and so on.  ErliBird has a gaming system within their app to make it fun and rewarding for their members to become part of new start-ups. …


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StreetJelly makes the press in Wyoming

StreetJelly musician Damian Trujillo featured in his city newspaper, The Sheridan Press, Sheridan, WY.

SHERIDAN — Damian Trujillo isn’t your typical street musician. The Americana-inspired instrumentalist and vocalist may…

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EOK video shoot for

More awesomeness from EOK.  We used the shared space down in Sequoyah Hills to shoot a video for  The video is not ready yet, it's in "post-production."  I don't really know what that means, but it sounds good.  We'll use the video for a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the streaming music site. …


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The First 20 Days on StreetJelly (and my favorite moment so far) went live on August 15th, 2012!  StreetJelly is a streaming music website for live performances.  Here is a run down how the first twenty days have gone, which have been nothing short of amazing.  First though, we are grateful for all the new artists and viewers on the site.  We really appreciate everyone for helping spread the word, "liking" us on…


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EOK Member Tricia Roskop makes a splash in the local Knoxville restaurant scene with a new rewards program aimed at supporting local, independently-owned restaurants.  Read the article here from EOK good friend Carly Harrington.  And don't… Continue

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Got a product or work of art to sell online?

Attention EOK artists, authors, retailers, and merchandisers; The Hope Store is looking for merchandise to put in the #GiveHope Shop.  As many of you know, EOK members Darin and Erica…


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Here We Grow Again!

Yes, we really need a section for promoting new EOK members' businesses.  We got another fantastic launch to tell you all about so you can spread the word.  It's Brad Lovett and Smoky Mountain Morning TV.  Please check 'em out, tweet it, post it, blog it.  We all benefit when…


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The Power of EOK

Did you know that EOK members are a juggernaut of force getting the word out for its members?  Yes indeed!  Whenever a member launches a new venture, we ask ALL EOK members to help out and spread the word.  I know when my team launched, the EOK greatly helped build our membership.  Now…


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The C-Word is on Everyone's Lips

 - Yet Another Article on "What is Cloud?"


The original title to this post was "Yet Another Article on What is Cloud?"  It dawned on me how much the term "Cloud Services" has seemed to explode in the past few months.  Everyone is talking cloud.  Our friends in Redmond have successfully got us all saying, "to the cloud."  So let's get beyond the hype and define what it really is!

First, let me start by giving the new and generic answer.  "Cloud" is virtually any…


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Are You a Start Up Employee?

I've been thinking a lot about this lately, what makes a successful start up team?  I'm not sure "start up employee" is the best term.  Entrepreneurs generally cringe at the thought of being an employee.  But, we all need to *work* in and on our businesses.  Most entrepreneurs would agree that starting a business by oneself is a daunting task.  We often suffer from the Lone…


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Think Your Biz Plan has what it Takes?

The Development Corp of Knox County announces it's annual Business Plan Competition.  I was a participant last year, it was an amazing experience.  This is way more than an exercise in writing a biz plan.  Far from it.  The competition spans the entire startup process, getting funding, marketing, pitching to investors, and so on.  I came in 3rd place last year with my biz plan for Knoxville Robots.  That plan is on the back burner for the…


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Video Contest for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

From the Knox Biz Journal: Local businesses have a chance to show off by entering the Tennessee Business Enterprise Resource Office and Tennessee Main Street Program's video competition.

Grab your video camera and show Tennessee what your business is made of. Participants are encouraged to show examples of their products and ideas and tell the world why they are an entrepreneur or small business owner.

There are these categories to participate: Main Street…


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What is Open Source Hardware?

Frank Podlaha explains Arduino and Open Source Hardware. Plus he shows a quick demonstration of programming the Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller.

More info about Arduino:

A great step-by-step tutorial by Adafruit:…


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Anatomy of a Twitter Riot

Observations on Twitter as angry college students assemble in frustration over the departure of their football coach.

The Facts

January 12th, 2010, Knoxville, TN, the University of Tennessee announced the unexpected resignation of the head coach for their collegiate football team. Upon hearing the news, hundreds of stunned fans and students filled the streets on campus. Slowly, crowds migrated to the facilities where multiple press conferences were taking… Continue

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Add RSS/Atom Feed of Multiple Twitter Accounts to your Website.

Add a Feed of multiple Twitter acounts to your website Create an RSS/Atom Feed for your website that is populated by the tweets of multiple Twitter accounts and / or multiple search words. Twitter Search returns its results, the most recent tweets, in the form of an Atom feed. The steps in this article will help you pull those tweets and make them part of the feed for your own website.

Note: the code here is written in PHP. Your web server will have to… Continue

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Putting EOK Training to Work

I have learned quite a bit going to the EOK Training seminars given by Dr. Scot. They are free! And quite frankly, that's crazy. In one of the classes, we learned about increasing traffic to your website and boosting your page ranking within Google. One of the techniques to achive this is by creating a cloud of websites, communities, and links that all point back to your main… Continue

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Uploaded Photo Cruise Pics

Pics from the EOK Autumn Photo-Cruise on Nov. 3, 2009:

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Twitter-Publisher :: Easy Wordpress Plugin to Tweet Blog Posts

Twitter-Publisher is a Wordpress plugin to automagically publish a tweet whenever a new post is created on our blog. Pretty cool. To hook up Twitter-Publisher on your Wordpress blog, follow these steps.

1. Login as site-admin to your blog's dashboard

2. On the lefthand menu, choose Plugins

3. Then choose Add New that expands in the menu

4. In the search box, just enter Twitter-Publisher, it will be found as the first entry.

5. To… Continue

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News: goes Global! has gone global! You can now find local tweets for anywhere in the world. We’ve loaded over 9000+ world cities (population 50,000+). It’s fun to follow the conversation around the world: witness breaking news events, find American Expats, get in touch with the culture for your next big travel adventure.

Here are a few direct link examples:

- Fight for Freedom:… Continue

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Improve your Social Networking Profile Pic

I was flipping through Popular Photography magazine the other day (amateur photography is one of my hobbies) and I came across software to improve portrait photographs. This software makes you prettier by smoothing out your skin, adjusting your eyes, making your lips fuller, and all the subtle changes defined in what makes a human face beautiful.

I downloaded the Trial… Continue

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