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Time Management- email

Don't be like a mouse in an experiment looking for food pellets.  Don't keep pressing that "get mail" constantly.  Set aside 4-6 times each day to check your email (7am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm), and get work done in the inbetween times.  A lot of time, the emails will resolve themselves without your involvement.

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Education and Business in TN: Alert!

The State Board of Education is considering a change to teacher's salary schedule that will effectively eviscerate any reward for higher degrees (Master's, PhDs).   Looking back, I particularly remember the influence certain teachers I had in high school in math and science, and all of the ones that were most influential, I remember, all had "Dr." in front of their name.

My understanding is that the long-term move is to 'dumb down' teaching so it's much akin to the low-level tech…


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SBA /TNTrade program promoting exports- Web Site folks take note!!!

The state of TN's economic development team has a new program to promote exports by small business, with half of the funding available as matching firms to small businesses. These funds can be used for overseas trade shows, sales trips, etc. Matching funds are 1:1, up to $5000 per applicant.

For those involved in marketing and web sites, these funds can be used to translate/ internationalize brochures and web sites so, MAKE SOME CALLS to ANY of your clients that might be able to use… Continue

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Entrepreneurial Initiative 2011 Conference

Conference November 15-16 Crowne Plaza Hotel

$119 to attend

Organized by TDC, our own EOK, KO, Tech 2020, and many others.

Information at 


(if you got the e-mail today, the link is wrong).

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Barriers To The Cloud & The Need For New Players

Close on the heels of Apple's iCloud announcement (and our own internal presentation), I've been reflecting on the "cloud" and thinking- why hasn't it taken root and what are it's barriers to acceptance? What changes are necessAry for the Cloud to succeed? Will it be 1-2 years? 10 years? Or is it doomed to fail?


- Cost. Internet access is getting more expensive in an period where there should be a glut and lower prices. My home Comcast went up above $70/mo, I'm… Continue

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Tax Warning: Don't sell anything to anyone in California....

.. or at the very least, add $800 to the price.

Usually, a company that has no presence in a state is not subject to its franchise and income taxes.   A foreign company should collect and submit sales taxes.  Some do, some don't.

California decided to take things up a notch by 'clarifying' (e.g., an executive act by the Secretary of State) that any foreign corporation or LLC doing any business whatsoever within the State of California is subject to its franchise tax,…


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Looking for help with some mechanical mounting.

Looking for someone who can help me mount little plastic boxes without good pointing points to a metal panel, as well as help with standoffs and mounting inside a plastic box I have. Something that would look reasonably professional to a customer.

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Any InstallShield gurus out there?

I have a new product, and we need some help setting up the install script (don't want to pull my key developers off for something that's fairly simple). Anybody out there have some experience with InstallShield? I have a spec, but basically it involves standard software install plus running some SQL scripts. Drop me a line if you can help or know somebody. Thanks!

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Don't Forget the Tech2020 Entreprenuer's contest - DEADLINE THURS NIGHT!

If you have an idea (or have been discussing one on EOK) and you haven't submitted your one page proposal in the Tech2020 business plan competition..... well, throwing away a good chance at free money (and free training) is just crazy!

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