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Scruffy City Stories

Check out these stories created by our very own, Tommy Nguyen! Tommy's company Right Click Design is rocking and rolling building custom applications for everything from games to relationship management to self-storage units! You have to check these guys out! They are very impressive and will amaze you with their abilities. If you have a need for some custom software, reach out to Tommy and his…


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Mentoring v Coaching: leading or listening?


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Checkout The SouthFound Podcast!

Our very own, Jonathan Patrick, is the host of an amazing podcast, SouthFound! He's looking for entrepreneurs and investors to interview. So, drop JP a line here on his EOK page, if you're working on something…


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There Are No Unicorns in Knoxville

I've sat through many prep sessions for pitch competitions.  Most of the time I get the impression that this is not only the path to some of the discipline required for success, it is the same path required to be all you can be, which is to be the next Twitter or Facebook.  Perhaps that is not a realistic goal around here.

You see, there are real advantages to a rich new business ecosystem.  People in Knoxville are working hard to provide that.  A big part of the established new…


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SEEED Presents The Green Tie Event

Entrepreneurs of Knoxville,

Please join us December 2, 2015 at The Square Room from 6:00- 8:00 pm in celebrating our graduates. You'll get to help us celebrate our graduates, hear about news and plans for the upcoming year, and ways you can get involved with our organization! Tickets are $20 when you pre-order and $30 at the door. Green ties for the men and green flowers for the women will be available at the door! You won't want to miss the great event.…


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Private Equity - Angels, VCs, and Funds...Oh my!

As many of you know, in addition to founding Entrepreneurs of Knoxville and Entrepreneurial Collective, I serve as the President of ACG Knoxville Chapter. As Chapter President, my responsibilities include educating the Knoxville area about Early Stage Investing. I also recruit new Angels to the membership and look for Entrepreneurs to pitch to the Angels for capital.

So, here's a crash course in equity investing…


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Congratulations to Nanomechanics for continued success

Nanomechanics, Inc. is proud to announce that the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) at Roane State Community College has presented Nanomechanics with theTennessee 2015 Rising Star Award.


 “We were surprised and pleased that Nanomechanics was been recognized by Tennessee’s Small Business Development Center,” said Chairman and CEO John Swindeman.  “We have…


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A Modern Way to Do PR for a Small Business

Here is a tool that Rober Scoble found at the PR Summit: Press Friendly ( http://PressFriendly.com )

His interview:


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Downtown Office Space ($100/mo)

Steve Slack has some AWESOME office space downtown! Perfect for co-working...the space is divided into a ton of smaller offices for privacy all located off a circular hallway around a very large common area! A very cool space. Also, there's warehouse space attached with loading docks. Could be great for some light…


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Another smart entrepreneur!

Speeding the delivery of beer to thirsty clients...what could be better?!?!?!

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What Is the First Step In the Patenting Process?

A common question I receive is, "What is the first step in the patenting process?"  The answer to the question depends on a number of factors. Here is some information to help answer the question: http://www.robinsoniplaw.com/blog/ ;

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Best Tech Entrepreneur Source - Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble, known as The Scobelizer a few years ago, is the master of tech networking.  From Davos to hobbyist clubs in San Francisco, from Facebook to one person startups you never heard of (but will be big news next year), Robert has amazing tech radar that finds out what is happening, who is doing it, and what is worth watching before it becomes the Next Big Thing.  People pay big money for newsletters on material like this, but you can benefit from Robert's hard work and talent for…


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Indirect Patent Infringement and Component Manufacturers

Component manufacturers beware:  You may be on the hook for patent infringement. Even if a component product does not meet every limitation of a patent claim, the component product manufacturer may still be liable for patent infringement under a theory of indirect patent infringement. Find out more here:  http://www.robinsoniplaw.com/blog/  

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Patent Protection Is Not Always the Best Option

When a new technology is developed, it is often assumed that a patent application covering the technology should be filed. That is not always the case, however, as discussed here: http://www.robinsoniplaw.com/blog/ 

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"Do I REALLY need to register my copyright?"

This is a common question I get from copyright owners from time to time. I provide some background info here:  Do I really need to register my copyright?

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Jump Into the Shark Tank!

The Shark Tank is holding and open call in Knoxville on April 30.  Do I need to say more?  Well, we'll let the Knoxville News-Sentinel fill you in.…


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Start with Why!

We've discussed this many times at Past EOK meetings but it deserves another post. If you haven't watched the TED Talk by Simon Sinek "Start with Why", you need to set aside a few minutes and get it done...now.

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This is why Google Glass is Dead

I would be the last person in the world to say Microsoft is an innovation company.  They have squashed a lot of their best ideas, or bought out companies and made them a ho-hum part of the Microsoft Borg.  And that goes for Nokia, a has-been major cell phone manufacturer.  The new CEO, however, seems to have kicked things into gear.  And the product announced today, Microsoft HoloLens, is revolutionary.  It puts 3D objects into your field of view, sometimes integrated with physical objects…


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My Favorite Meme

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Great article by Tom Ballard in Teknovations featuring Carl Papa

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a two-part series on local inventor Carl Papa.)

By Tom Ballard, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Initiatives, Pershing Yoakley & Associates, P.C.

“I’m truly a bogey golfer,” Knoxvillian Carl Papa says in describing the game that he has played since the eighth grade.

“I muscled the ball,” he adds in describing his swing. “When I shifted my lower body the way…


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