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The #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

Michael Lazerow


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Get Early Adopters to your Startup

EOK folks, you NEED to check out this new service called ErliBird!  It's a company that helps start-ups by bringing quality new users to your site.  These are "early adopter" users that are interested in innovative technology, entrepreneurs, new apps, and so on.  ErliBird has a gaming system within their app to make it fun and rewarding for their members to become part of new start-ups. …


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10 Reasons Why You Have to Quit Your Job This Year

This was going to end badly. I would play chess all day in my office with the door locked. My boss would knock on the door and I would put my headphones on and ignore him. People would complain that the software I wrote didn’t work. My boss would say, “where were you yesterday” and I would say, “it…


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5 Lifestyle Tips to Be a Healthy Entrepreneur ( via @Forbes )

Let’s be honest: Living the life of an entrepreneur can take a huge toll on your health. Amid the long days of work and erratic scheduling, it’s difficult to find time to exercise or plan a healthy meal. However, it’s incredibly important to make a healthy lifestyle a priority, especially for entrepreneurs. You’ll find that your mood, productivity, energy levels, and happiness will all improve as a result.…


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Put your best face forward | What does your on-line profile image say about you?

We've all heard the saying about 'putting your best face forward', but what does that really mean? I consulted the one place I know I could find the answer, the Urban Dictionary. Apparently to put your best face forward is the same as to '…

Added by Lisa Gifford Mueller on February 26, 2013 at 5:06pm — 1 Comment

Pitch Crunch

I just discovered when they followed me on Twitter. Their Twitter handle is @PitchCrunch


  • Create business plans (investor preferred format) - Free
  • Submit to VC’s & Angel investors directly with PitchCrunch
  • Reach and connect with…

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Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur

I run a startup. Lean and mean, 16-hour days. Everything we do is ours. When we thought of hiring another person, it quickly became clear that we could not handle an employee. We could not pay for insurance, supervise them, offer them a stable salary. Why because all those things that are stable about a job are the opposite of a startup.…


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New Horizons On the Internet

Since I'm not doing so much on Twitter, and some projects are on hold right now, I've taken an opportunity to join an eclectic group of entrepreneurs at the Man'ority Report.  Here is the Google Plus page for the group:

Our group meets on Google Hangout every Saturday at 11 AM Eastern.  I recommend…


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Second entrepreneurship camp for teens set for July

By Tom Ballard, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Initiatives, Pershing Yoakley & Associates, P.C.

 The University of Tennessee’s Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEI) learned a number of lessons when it co-sponsored last year’s inaugural “Empowered Teen Entrepreneurship Camp” that it expects to apply…


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Never give up on becoming an entrepreneur

In need of a little inspiration towards the end of the week? Check out this infographic we came across over on

Remember, never give on your entrepreneurial dream.

By Jack…


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Three Upgrades Your Small Business Needs — And Fast ( via Erika Napoletano )

Erika Napoletano | Speaker, Branding Strategist, Author. I get people UNstuck. » The RHW Blog…


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Richard Branson: why it's OK to ask for help

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. You have to make sacrifices, take risks and learn on the job, meaning that any offers of help should be gratefully accepted. It may be tempting to go it alone, but as Richard Branson points out, a…


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the Why?

A very special thanks to Chris Coyne, our Director of Education, for sharing this wonderful TED Talk at our…


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Entrepreneurship for breakfast ( via Richard Branson )

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is certainly the case for an entrepreneur, as it can set you up for a busy 24 hours’ work.

To be successful in business, you need to be prepared to grasp an opportunity wherever you are, whatever the situation. With that in mind, I am going to take part in a breakfast…


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StreetJelly makes the press in Wyoming

StreetJelly musician Damian Trujillo featured in his city newspaper, The Sheridan Press, Sheridan, WY.

SHERIDAN — Damian Trujillo isn’t your typical street musician. The Americana-inspired instrumentalist and vocalist may…

Added by Frank Podlaha on January 28, 2013 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Telling Stories Around the Campfire

Ever wonder why storytelling is more fun around a campfire? It’s because the darkness outside the circle makes the story more compelling. As we listen, the storyteller leads our imaginations to the dark, predatory forest that surrounds us. We’re glad to be inside of the circle, because it’s scary out there. In other words, great stories help us see the forest

in its totality.

From a marketing perspective, stories convey the value of your offering with authenticity and emotion.…


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Symposium of “Creative Mixed-Use Spaces in Knoxville” set for January 24

By Tom Ballard, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Initiatives, Pershing Yoakley & Associates, P.C.

We indicated in a December post that local entrepreneur Alex Lavidge had several different initiatives underway, and would report on them in early 2013.

One of those is something called the “Creative Mixed-Use Spaces in Knoxville Symposium” set for January 24 at Remedy Coffee, 125 West Jackson Avenue. It starts at…


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16 Must-Try Apps and Websites For Entrepreneurs

It’s an easier time than ever to be a young, creative entrepreneur these days. Whether you’re running a successful T-shirt company or just getting started commercializing your family’s homemade soap recipe, there are new tools springing up online everyday to help you. These tools can save you time, help you be more effective, better…


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Starting Businesses in Europe

Advice for American entrepreneurs that move to Europe.  Notice the many instances of cognitive dissonance in this piece.  But the author still manages to describe several outright schizophrenic circumstances, along with the ones he brushes away with common European inverted logic.  A great read to understand that part of the world from this part of the world.

I have noticed that Eastern Europe (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Transylvania, others) may be a bit less regulated and…


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NODE by Variable Technologies

Knoxville is on the verge of something fantastic and I'm excited I was able to witness the start of it. I was invited to attend the announcement of the new Variable Technologies office in Knoxville on Wednesday 12/12/12 at 1 PM. …


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