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9 Pro Tips for Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than a handy way to sort through connections and make introductions — it's also a powerful platform to supercharge your content marketing efforts (even if you're not a LinkedIn Influencer just yet).



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SXSWi Question


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Mentoring program called 'on-ramp for success'

In today's (July 29, 2013) News-Sentinel.

Mentoring program called 'on-ramp for success'

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Latest Man'ority Report Episode

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Man'ority Report - Leo's Interview

This was a great time! I'm hoping more EOK members can be guests on this show!  We can all learn from each other and this is another great opportunity to get your message out there.

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I'm Now Officially an Entrepreneur


This past week I have opened my own law practice, ROBINSON IP LAW, PLLC. Now I can truly empathize with the entrepreneurial spirit because I'm in your shoes. The new address is 800 S. Gay St., STE 700, Knoxville, TN 37929. The phone number is 865-766-4023, and I can be reached at my e-mail address of After being a shareholder at a large IP firm, it became clear to me that it was time for the move. So, here we go. As always, you can find me on…


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25 Tech Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

An industry's jargon can be hard to decipher, and tech-related terms can be particularly perplexing. Here are 25 terms every small business owner needs to know:

Server Hosting

Servers are devices that support a company's computer and Internet networks. Servers…


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One Entrepreneur Explains What It's REALLY Like to Own a Small Business

Small business ownership is no cakewalk. 

Just ask Eric Dosal. He's the co-founder of BrightGauge, a data analytics and reporting platform, as well as a HubSpot customer. So in honor of …


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Education and Business in TN: Alert!

The State Board of Education is considering a change to teacher's salary schedule that will effectively eviscerate any reward for higher degrees (Master's, PhDs).   Looking back, I particularly remember the influence certain teachers I had in high school in math and science, and all of the ones that were most influential, I remember, all had "Dr." in front of their name.

My understanding is that the long-term move is to 'dumb down' teaching so it's much akin to the low-level tech…


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2nd Annual Empowered Teen Entrepreneurship Camp

On Sunday afternoon July 14th a special group of teens interested in owning their world will arrive at UT for a whirlwind week of entrepreneurship. They will have interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs and business professionals, take tours to see entrepreneurship in action and compete for $600.00 in cash in the Business Plan Competition.


Who can attend? Any teen between 15-19 years old who is curious and wants to investigate entrepreneurship. Teens will live in a…


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A Side-By-Side Photo Comparison Of Apple’s iOS 6 And iOS 7

By John Yong12 Jun 2013

Yesterday, Apple unveiled its latest operating system for iPhones and iPads, the iOS 7

Headed by Apple’s lead…


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Gig-Tank: 12 Week Business Accelerator Program in Chattanooga

Here is an article about a 12-week business accelerator program in Chattanooga that is drawing people from around the globe.  I thought others within EOK might want to see it.

Gig-Tank:  12 Week…


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Start Up - Car Dealership

So, after spending literally my entire life in and around the used car dealership my family founded and still run here in Knoxville. I have garnered the courage to take the leap and chase my dream of starting my own dealership, which is a dream that has been in me since I was arranging my hot wheels to look like  a car dealership. That's right my hot wheels where for…


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"Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster..."

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Helpful tips for APEs ( via Guy Kawasaki )

Hello fellow writer,

Ready for your weekly tips for authors, publishers and entrepreneurs? I'll be sharing events and workshops as well as content to boost your APE IQ. As I said in APE, writing a book isn’t an easy process nor is it always enjoyable, but it is one of life’s most satisfying achievements.

We wrote…


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Free, Awesome Launch Splash/Squeeze/CalltoAction Pages

So I forgot to share this earlier, but if you haven't checked out you need to.

In 5 minutes, I created a splash page/signup page for one of my projects:

For free, in 5 minutes, and it looks great, it's mobile responsive, has a direct plugin to Google Analytics.

Oh ya, and it's…


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Biz Stone: How I Faked My Way Into Google ( via WIRED )

On October 7, 2003, a “Boston-based blogging entity” called …


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The Best Twitter Accounts for Entrepreneurs

Small business owners and entrepreneurs who use Twitter only as a marketing tool for their businesses are missing out. The microblogging service can also be a huge resource for them in the day-to-day operation of their business. However, business owners must know the right accounts to…


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5 Books Entrepreneurs Should Read

As entrepreneurs, we know that self-education never stops. One of the best ways to expand our knowledge is by reading books.


Thankfully, entrepreneurs have a wealth of information and resources available to help further their learning. Over the last few months, I’ve done quite a bit of reading myself.




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Depression for Entrepreneurs ( via Chris Brogan )

I run a publishing and media company dedicated to helping the DIY learner crowd (folks ages 35-75 who want to learn stuff in less-traditional ways). My business is based on professional speaking, creating online and offline courses, and a lot of personal interaction with the…


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