Wordpress developers needed!  EOK has partnered with UTK and JA to bring the 2nd annual Empowered Teen Entrepreneurship Camp to Knoxville, TN this summer!  Our own Mac Bartine volunteered to design and setup the initial website...check it out http://etcamp.com but his company Vieo Design doesn't have the bandwidth to maintain and update the site...that's where you come in!

If you have expertise in WordPress, please consider volunteering to help update and maintain the website this year.  You will be listed as a sponsor and praised by me and the other organizers every chance we get!  We'll make you famous!

Just post here if you have the skills and time to help with this incredible event.  Last year was amazing...the week long event was a tremendous success as evident by the continued support of EOK, UTK, and now JA!

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Excellent! Thanks, Tim!  I'll get Kerri to set you up with an account ASAP.  We have a basecamp project setup so we can get you added to that too.

I'd be happy to assist if the need is still there. 

The more the merrier! I'll ask Kerri to get you setup as an editor and add you to the basecamp project too.



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