I know we have a form under "Contact Us" for submitting your topic suggestions for Wednesday morning meetings but I thought it would be helpful to place this in a forum to collaborate on suggestions.

Please post your ideas for Wednesday morning topics here and we'll discuss as a group.

I'll get us started...I'd love to see a discussion on Getting Things Done along with tools to implement/maintain your GTD strategy. I'd suggest Chris Austin as the guest speaker to discuss GTD.

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I'm a startup. I essentially have no information or knowledge about starting a company, nor running it, other than the theory lessons learned while in college.

I would be interested in going to any and all meetings, but I would enjoy anything that dealt with the different elements of doing a start-up.

one topic that I'm having difficulty with is advertising: how to effectively advertise, the different types to reach different clientele. The components of designing and creating a good advertisement, etc.

But to be honest, I really could use help in nearly all facets of business.



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