Searching for an opportunity to purchase a business to actively manage and grow or to partner with someone that requires capital as well as a working partner

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Todd M. Prosan I am a successful executive looking for an opportunity to purchase a business to actively manage and grow or to partner with someone that requires capital as well as a working partner. I have been in business for the past 27 years and for the last 11 years I have been and continue to be the President and Chief Operating Officer for the nation’s largest waterproofing and structural repair company. My responsibilities include total P&L responsibility, business development, vendor/ purchasing decisions and overall operations management for 11 company owned offices and 33 franchise location from Birmingham to New York. I also have a proven track record of successfully managing and running other businesses and wish to continue this with a company of my own or in a partnership; therefore at the age of 51 I am reaching out to ask you for some support in helping me locate a business that may be available for sale or an owner looking for a working partner. This would also help the individual if they are looking for an exit strategy for retirement, semi-retirement or just want a partner to help with the day to day of growing their business.. The situation I am looking for is one that has a strong competitive position with a defensible and sustainable niche if this describes your business or you know of a business owner that is facing strategic or operational challenges or if your business or the business you are thinking of is simply looking for a strategy for transitioning ownership into equity I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you or them. I am not looking to only invest capital but to actually work day to day in the business and help grow and take it to the next level therefore if somebody is looking to retire that is also be an excellent opportunity that I would like to discuss. 


I am looking for a company with annual sales between $2 million - $10 million. The company will be focused in construction, manufacturing or industrial activities.

I know this is not the typical type of email that you would receive but networking is definitely one of the keys to success. I would really like to thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer. I truly believe this will be a win win for whoever I partner with or for whatever business I purchase thank you so much for your time. If you are comfortable with meeting me or offering my name to someone that is in the situation I am looking for please reply to



Thank You,

Todd M. Prosan


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Todd, be sure to grab some time on my calendar...we have stuff to discuss. ~Leo



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