Hello everyone,

It has been a few months since Startup Day 2013 in Knoxville and I wanted to give an update on Retailius. Currently, the both the iPhone and iPad point of sale applications are completely designed to form static prototypes. In addition, Retailius Go, another iOS application which is based off of wireless micro-location sensors is also complete from a design standpoint.

Continuing, I have also began to push out on social media outlets and other platforms. Specifically, you can follow Retailius on Angel List at http://angel.co/retailius , follow on twitter at http://twitter.com/retailius and on the Retailius Blog at http://blog.retailius.com/ .

Lastly, I am now at the point of development. I have explored the option of outsourcing, however I believe that building a well rounded team is the best route for Retailius. I am searching for individuals who are willing to work for sweat equity and are familiar with iOS application development and, though wishfully thinking, point of sale operations. If you would like to view the design prototype videos please feel free to message me.

Hope all is well,

Casey Ash

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