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Who:  We are a very diverse group of successful business owners and entrepreneurs and those working to achieve their goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

Why:  We believe we all learn something from each other...no matter if you're on your 1st startup or your 101st.  We believe no one person has all the answers...it is impossible to build a company without help.

How:  Weekly tech talks published via YouTube, Ustream, and iTunes.  Monthly Lunch-n-Learn events; Scheduled crowd-sourcing; Peer Groups; Pub Nights.

What:  A non-profit focused on helping each member build successful startups through peer education and support.  

Please check the FAQ section if you have Questions. Your Board of Directors is made up of volunteers with a passion for seeing entrepreneurs succeed!

When:  Check the EVENTS tab for details and to RSVP

Monthly Lunch-n-Learn every 2nd Wednesday 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  Quarterly "New Member Orientation". Weekly Podcast.


Where: Our monthly Wednesday meetings are held at Cherokee Mills 2220 Sutherland Ave., Knoxville TN (the corner of Sutherland and Concord).

EOK Videos

EoK Episode 208 (Web Talk)

In this week's episode, Leo and Janet will discuss the details of maintaining a website for your business. Topics will include platforms for website hosting, methods of tracking website visitation, and much more.

Cast: Entrepreneurs of Knoxville

Tags: website, talk, leo, janet, eok, entrepreneur, knoxville, podcast and web

EoK Episode 207 (Meet and Greet)

This week, like the first week of each month, EoK will host a meet and greet. Members will take turns presenting to the group about their lives and careers.

Cast: Entrepreneurs of Knoxville

Tags: meet, greet, eok, entrepreneur, knoxville, speed, round, interviews and podcast

EoK Episode 218 (Meet and Greet)

Shifting slightly from the normal structure of meet and greet Wednesdays, this week, the EoK podcast will be comprised of impromptu interviews. Members will take turns questioning one another to familiarize themselves with both the interview process and their fellow members.

Cast: Entrepreneurs of Knoxville

Tags: meet, greet, eok, entrepreneur, knoxville, speed, round, interviews and podcast

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I've spent nearly 3 years and a fair amount of money building the traffic (40K - 50K page views per month) and content (500+ pages) on KnoxvilleBusiness.com. There are nearly a thousand Knoxville-related terms that I rank well for - many of which are lucrative, like Knoxville property, Knoxville moms, Knoxville kids, Knoxville restaurants, Knoxville clubs, Innovation Valley, Knoxville art, Knoxville music, etc (see attached keyword ranking list for more).

I also own knoxvilletennesseewiki.com, which has thousands of pages on local businesses and organizations -- lots of potential when worked with KnoxvilleBusiness.

I'm looking for someone(s) who can update and monetize the site for a fee (make a bid! :)) or for backend commissions (what would you propose?) ... or maybe some combination there of. If you're interested, I can provide greater details regarding my thoughts on updating and monetizing.

Looking forward to hearing from folks who are interested!


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Hi Laurel -- no responses so far. Thanks for asking! Are you interested?
Hey Mac, I know someone who may be able to help you out. I'm sending him a link. :-)

Great - thanks, Renee!
I am interested in this as well. Have you gotten any responses worthwhile.

Hey Mac...

Give me a call, whenever convenient... Got two, maybe three things that might help.

-- DrScot


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