I've spent nearly 3 years and a fair amount of money building the traffic (40K - 50K page views per month) and content (500+ pages) on KnoxvilleBusiness.com. There are nearly a thousand Knoxville-related terms that I rank well for - many of which are lucrative, like Knoxville property, Knoxville moms, Knoxville kids, Knoxville restaurants, Knoxville clubs, Innovation Valley, Knoxville art, Knoxville music, etc (see attached keyword ranking list for more).

I also own knoxvilletennesseewiki.com, which has thousands of pages on local businesses and organizations -- lots of potential when worked with KnoxvilleBusiness.

I'm looking for someone(s) who can update and monetize the site for a fee (make a bid! :)) or for backend commissions (what would you propose?) ... or maybe some combination there of. If you're interested, I can provide greater details regarding my thoughts on updating and monetizing.

Looking forward to hearing from folks who are interested!


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Hi Laurel -- no responses so far. Thanks for asking! Are you interested?
Hey Mac, I know someone who may be able to help you out. I'm sending him a link. :-)

Great - thanks, Renee!
I am interested in this as well. Have you gotten any responses worthwhile.

Hey Mac...

Give me a call, whenever convenient... Got two, maybe three things that might help.

-- DrScot



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