I have a conference call to line up next week.  Is anyone fairly fluent in Spanish (enough to keep up with a conference call) and could handle basic networking terms as well?

Please SMS me at 865-228-2263 if you are/know of anybody.

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I can't help you this time, but in the future, I know a guy that could do this.  (He is out of the country for a couple of weeks.)  He is from the Dom. Rep., but is now a US citizen and lives in Charlotte.  Let me know if you haven't found somebody.

Well, the conf call go postponed, so if you have an email. It would be nice to have someone from TN who can sit beside on the conf call, but he might do.

I agree that it would be better to have someone in the room with you so you can write notes, make gestures, etc.  A couple of local places to look would be the UTK IEEE branch or the International student Association.

? He just responded to this on twitter as  @JPCasimiro. I think he is in the member list, too.



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