Would anybody know of a 2nd or 3rd year EE student that would like some part-time work / work over the summer?    Ideal candidate could help us build some test circuits, do some software QA testing, help us with some PC deployments, etc.


I checked LinkedIn first, but I didn't find many students there- something we should preach to them (network early!!)

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Pellissippi State would be a great resource to tap into. They have an Electrical Engineering track and are always looking for internships. If they do not have any available you can apply and they will contact you when a student is in need of one.
I've tried working with UT and PSTCC before, but they are highly structured in terms of how they want the internship to run. In fact, I know for PSTCC, I'd have to wait until the start of the next term to offer it. Being a small business, it's not a flexible enough environment for us, so we'd just be looking to do a regular hire of a student who'd like to get some good experience.
If you check with PSTCC you should be able to get in touch with their career services and they can get some flyers and such on the job posting board.

You may want to post on http://gigs.eokhq.com


I understand what you mean by paperwork and structure going through official government channels.  I know of a rising sophmore, but she might be a little "green" for your needs.  She has done some programming, and knows both PCs and Macs.  Circuit testing might be a little harder.


Another place to check is Craig's List.  The Knoxville section seems to be pretty active.  (I have seen some job postings there.)

Have her contact me, more of the work I have is PC loads and such, she can probably grow into the other stuff.  Ill try to send you something to print out and hand out tomorrow if you don't mind

If you can send me something this afternoon, I will take it tonight.  You can send it directly to my email wmilam@sensormed.com  or wtmilam@ieee.org




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