SensorMed is looking for basic payroll service.  We only have 2 employees and use Quickbooks for general accounting.   However, we don't have the time or interest in keeping up with FICA, 941 forms, etc.


We would like to outsource this function to someone who works with payroll issues everyday.


Thanks for any suggestions.


William Milam


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Quickbooks Assisted Payroll works great for us, I think it clocks in at $30/month for the service, well worth it.

Thanks for the input. I was aware that Quickbooks has some sort of service, but didn't know of anyone that has used it.

Also, we are interested in supporting a local service provider if one exists. Also, our bookkeeping needs will increase once we get our 1st product to market.

If we can't find someone local, we will probably go with QB.
We use a company called my pay solutions. They are barebones and you don't get any frills, but for pure pay processing, filing 941's etc... they do a good job.

you can find them at

We have used them just over 1 year and have been pleased

Thanks for the info. I will check them out.



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