I'm launching a new business: StreetJelly.com - Live Street Music 24/7.  Let's get the power of all our EOK members to help make it a success.  The site is launching in August 2012.  Time to start building up our "friends" and "followers."  Please Like us on Facebook, facebook.com/StreetJelly; and Follow Us on Twitter, @StreetJelly.

So what's the new business about?  Well, here's a little tease: it's a live streaming video site for street musicians to broadcast themselves.  For the rest of us, it's place to discover and enjoy the spontaneity of live new music.  And oh, it's also a micro-donation site!  Support local musicians by giving tips to the artists, just like you would toss a few coins to a street musician in real life.

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Another EOK Startup! EOK members are launching businesses left and right!  Please be sure to LIKE, FOLLOW, +1, Friend, etc.  It REALLY helps!



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