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SEEED’s Career Readiness Program starts up next week with the mission of equipping young adults with life and job skills to get on the pathway out of poverty. You all have excellent business experience that our students desperately need to learn from. We are seeking volunteers to instruct interactive workshops for our young people on life and job skills. Openings include Writing a Cover Letter, How to Apply, and Mock Interviews, among others.

As many of you know, my goal is to scale up SEEED to become a world-class trainer for skilled labor. Right now, we are starting with a select group of young people trying to get off the streets, and before they can learn construction or carpentry or anything else, they need to know basic life and workplace skills.

If you are interested in learning more about SEEED and how to get involved here helping young people and building a world-class training facility, email seeedknox@gmail.com or call me at (865) 766-5185.

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Stan, I'm a lawyer - as you know - so I don't know how many "life skills" I actually have. But I'd love to help...

I may be able to help depending on scheduling.  I have an MBA in Industrial and Personnel Management and have over 25 years in Personnel Management.  I am a Senior Professional in Human Resource Management and currently own a medical staffing company. Please send me more information about SEEED.  My email address is hambyjoe@msn.com and my phone # is 865-659-2416



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