I was just informed of a couple of employment opportunities to pass along. If any of you have a spouse looking for work, or maybe you just want to make a little extra income until your business takes off???  I will be happy to forward your name along if you email me at kathibrowne(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Here is what was sent to me:


I’m looking for a couple of qualified candidates for two clients.  Does anyone know someone that may fit the bill?  If so, please forward me a resume or contact information.

Bookkeeper - $15-17/hour, part-time at 20-24 hours per week.  Quickbooks is their software.  To perform all accounting functions such as accounts receivable, payroll, and accounts payable.  Very organized and detail-oriented.  They would operate independently with oversight and assistance from PYA.  Ideal candidate would be available daily for a time period such as 10-2, but they are flexible with this schedule.

Data entry candidate - $13-14/hour, part-time at around 24 hours per week, very flexible hours.  Tues/Wed/Thurs would be ideal but they are willing to work with a good candidate.  They would be supervised by a very knowledgeable controller on-site.  They are in the construction industry.  Functions include data entry of accounts payable, payroll, etc.  Also needs a very detail-oriented person.


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