Does anyone have any recommendations regarding health insurance for individuals.

I am an independent contractor and currently I am paying COBRA from my previous employer. It is time for me to shop around and I was wondering if anyone had any feedback (good or bad) on their existing insurance companies/plans.


Theo Aukerman

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I would recommend talking to Nick Smith about options. Nick is great at reviewing your current information and making suggestions. He's very objective and professional; he doesn't have any hidden agendas...he really wants what is best for you and your family even if that means sending you somewhere else.

Thanks Leo.

I will.

If you want a 2nd opinion, a good person to talk with would be Marian Geohegan at Freedom Financial Group. her contact info is

She can help with regular plans as well as HSA plans and special needs.
The health savings account (HSA) route with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) can be a good route. Three important notes.

(1) Best to be fairly young and moderately healthy if going this route. These qualitative terms (fairly and moderately) are vague, and each person needs to define them for themselves.

(2) Financial discipline is needed to fund the HSA. A war chest in the HSA is important since HDHP deductibles by law must be more than $2000 per year. The HSA will be your first line of funding for health concerns.

(3) The primary problem with HSA/HDHP is folks put off going to the doctor to save more money. As a result, health issues can quietly build. Be conscious of this issue.

The flip side of the (3) is that if you do go to the doctor, you will find yourself questioning her more rigorously since routine visits are paid out of your pocket. Doctors tend to order lots of tests sometimes.

Just some food for thought. Talking with a professional in the financial/health insurance business is an excellent idea. With the ones already listed, I would also recommend giving Porter Alexander a buzz.
Theo, If you are still shopping I'd be happy to walk you through all solutions including maximizing reductions to your out of pocket healthcare expenses/liabilities while both business and personal tax deductions - saves most clients over $2500/yr in taxes)

Leo, thanks for the kind words... could I have your permission to post them in my marketing as a reference from you?

Mr. Page, There are so many things wrong with what you posted... Problem is that I can't really blame you as most agents will teach clients that stuff as they secure a higher paycheck on policies that have higher premiums.
Nick, thanks for the feedback. Please send me an email as I'm always looking for items that I've posted that are wrong. davidpage at Thanks. Dave
Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I think we have enough leads to work with.



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