Hey Folks,

  We need a tagline for EOK. Leonard and i were talking about what to put on T-shirts and computer skins. Help come up with a CATCHY tagline that conveys what EOK is about. Please submit, and we will create a Survey contest that will promote total BUYIN from all members.


Thanks,  Buzz

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Remember the drug commercial decades ago: this is your mind (pic of eggs), this is your mind on drugs (pic of frying eggs)?

How 'bout something similar with your idea? "This is your idea (pic of a seed)... this is your idea with EOK (pic of bouquet of flowers)"
  1. Ideas worth pursuing
  2. Support where you need it
  3. EOK: Ideas + Team = $$$$
  4. EOK = Success
We still need a tagline...

Member Driven Success
EOK - the shortcut to success
Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur
EOK = Turning Passions into Profits
EOK - Your Entrepreneur Support System for TN
EOK - Growing your ideas together
EOK- the launchpad for startups
EOK - Here for the Entrepreneur
EOK - Made for the Entrepreneur
EOK - Making an impact one idea at a time
I think it's time to print some more t-shirts!
Not for WIMPS - Where is my Paycheck?

What about, "I know how Atlas feels"?  Or, "Entrepreneur...Not for the Squeamish".  Or a graphic...person falling off cliff with napkin sketch of airplane ideas in their hand. Caption: "Necessity is the mother of Invention"

EOK-Ideas on Steroids!

How did I miss this? The possibilities are endless:


Join EOK and learn how to spell "Entrepreneuer"!

EOK, Our Business is Your Business

Catch the Lightning - EOK!

Join EOK, Free Leonard Knight Bobblehead! (I actually have a Dave Lennox bobblehead, so it's been done)

Join EOK, Get a Free Business Plan! Or more!

Prosperity, Ideas that Work, EOK


Dang, I need to crank code now.  Maybe more later! :-)

Entrepreneurs of Knoxville - Local Support, Unlimited Success


Maybe more later. I'm late for work....



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