Hey Folks,

  We need a tagline for EOK. Leonard and i were talking about what to put on T-shirts and computer skins. Help come up with a CATCHY tagline that conveys what EOK is about. Please submit, and we will create a Survey contest that will promote total BUYIN from all members.


Thanks,  Buzz

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Come on marketing folks, show us what you got. Do you really want one of us tech-geeks to come up with a bad tag line? :)
EOK - Catch On!!!
Thanks, Buzz for getting this started! We need this.

Flowchart!! I love it. This is my favorite so far.

I like this design... Count me in as a buyer!
I love this one; with the EOK URL and Logo on the back and maybe the URL on the front somewhere too.
EOK... Just Do it. O wait I think that one is already taken. How bout EOK Take the Leap with us. OR For the Entrepreneur by the Entrepreneur. OR Going Global Together. OR Entrepreneurship is our State of Mind. I will have more when I wake up in the morning...
EOK - An idea is a terrible to waste



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