Hey all you VOLS fans!  Buzz Jellett would like to organize an EOK Game Day Tailgate Party and wants to know what you think and if you can help. 

He has been processing this idea about an EOK tailgate party. The only two locations he can think of that would work would be the parking lot at Leo's office in Sequoyah hills or we have an EOK member that works at UT federal credit union across the street from the sunspot. (he would have to get permission for us to that parking lot)

   Buzz believes we could pull off a successful one on 10/5 for the Georgia game. It will be at 7pm at night, so we could start the tailgate at 4pm. It needs to be close enough to the stadium for those who are going, to go on at 6pm, but out of the madness for those who will come to the tailgate and go home. Or we could offer folks a chance to watch it inside on the big screens at neighborhood nerds. This could be combined with a recruit new nerd customers.
    This event would be a bring your own picnic event, Buzz believes he could borrow the mobile grill over at church for those who bring hot dogs and hamburgers, we could also make a covered dish event this is where certain people bring certain food items, EOK could supply the lemonade and cokes, and people could bring there own beer.
Buzz, I love an EOK Tailgate party idea, and the appropriate location needs to be chosen that will have a big screen TV, outside patio space with grill, and parking, BYOB and pot luck snacks. I do not know what location options are available. I welcome feedback. Can u please start a blog or discussion on this on www.eokhq.com and see if we might get some more ideas and options from EOK members.-Victoria

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This would work-my wife drives the shuttle and I usually go get her and we get something to eat. If the game was on inside a building that would be even better. 

Buzz, I found a perfect place for EOK to have a Tailgate Party!  Its Doc's American Grille on Kingston Pike next to West Town Mall.  There is no fee just tell them how many people we think will be there and they will take care of the rest... they got a ton of big screen TVs there to watch the game and also put put golf lol... call them and pick a Saturday and I will make an EOK Event for it.  330-0159.



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