Do any of you have an easy, flexible and affordable way in which to collect rent/payments/fees/

I'm trying to work with my bank, and either they don't understand the concept or don't want to fool with me because I'm little...

When I look at some of the websites they will either charge $25 to pay one months rent online or they only allow tenants to set up automatic payments where the tenant doesn't have control of when exactly it gets paid...

Tried and True solutions appreciated!

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I'm using SunTrust to accomplish this with a few tenants.  SunTrust provides a special routing number for electronic payments.  The tenant then instructs their bank to send an electronic check to my account using this routing number.  The tenant can then set it up automatically or can manually "write" the check each month.

It works very well and doesn't cost me anything as the merchant.

I also use Freshbooks with a few tenants to send them email invoices every month with automated late fees.  Works great for these tenants that are a little forgetful.

Hope this helps!


have you checked into the electronic payment feature via QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online? You can email tenants an auto generated invoice and they can click the link in the invoice and pay electronically from their  bank account.  A CC feature is also available but I don;t take CC's.

I realize it's not an online form of payment but if you own an iPhone, iPad, or Android device you can use

The company is run by Jack Dorsey who started Twitter.

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Next-day payout

Automatic direct deposits to your bank account.

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