I have a Dell Dimension 3000 computer with a 17" LCD screen, keyboard and mouse. Here is the service tag so you can look it up.
Service Tag: 4QC9561

I currently have Ubuntu Linux installed on it but have the original XP Home disk if you want to put XP Home back on it. Just use the PayPal button below to buy this computer. Ask any questions you want and I'll answer them in the comments. As you may already know...I'm using this sale to work the kinks out of listing items on the site.

PRICE: $225.00

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Alright, now I don't feel so bad about my GetMorePC.com post on the IT discussion. Leonard, thanks for spending the time to get this site up, its been entertaining so far, and I'd love to come by the Sequoya hills office and meet in person some time. I was referred to this site by Ronnie Wilson of Peoples Mortgage.
I donated this machine to the KO/EOK Co-working space. The machine will be setup for anyone's use...most likely running ubuntu but maybe a dual boot with XP too.



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