As many of you know, the founding members of EOK have a huge amount of experience in "blooming" new business models, procedures, software, idea maps, etc. etc. Thought I'd post a "list" of just SOME of the stuff available to members...

1. 25 Business "channels" -- most co's use just one or two.
2. A 52 week Marketing Calendar -- most just advertise on a sporadic basis.
3. 10 Different ways to Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Bundle, to raise Instant Cash!
4. A Proven, Ten-Step Referral System.
5. 42 Different Direct Marketing Tactics.
6. 25 Ways to Develop Customer Lists.
7. 25 Direct Marketing Sample Ads.
8. 10 Ways to get More Cash per Transaction.
9. 19 Ways to improve Sales Conversion.
10. 16 Ways to get your Customers Back More Often.
11. 18 Ways to get Cash NOW!
12. 5 Ways to Max your Pricing.
13. 10 Solid ways to Research Your Market.
14. Tons of Website Templates and Examples.
15. Strategic Keyword Market Research.
16. Website Consulting and SEO.
17. Web 2.0 and Social Networking Strategies
18. Mind Maps
19. CRM Software
20. Project and Management Software.

So... If YOU are growing a new biz -- perhaps you might like to be able to access all this stuff and develop a bunch of new friends at the same time! Send us a note and tell us what you're up to, and what might be helpful to you right now!

All the best,

Scot T. Chrisman, M.D.
4th Gear Marketing Group

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Dr. Scot - These resources look great. I think you should take a moment at the Wednesday meeting and elaborate.
Hey Ronnie! Might just DO THAT -- "If" I can get a piece of the floor. Most of this detail stuff gets put together on side meetings...

I have multiple megabits of PDF's, outlines, etc. etc. Much too much for getting much traction at an hour's meeting.

If people REALLY knew what resources we all have -- they'd be lined up in the parking lot to get into the Wed. meetings...

I'm thinking of launching a new concept called "Guaranteed Marketing" -- which would be easy to implement -- because of the known results. But, as you know, Knoxville is not known for being "rapid responders" to any new business idea.

See you Wednesday?

-- DrScot
Hey Leo / Chris, et al. --

We've condensed our "Seven-Step" "Extreme Business Makeover" (some of which is above) into a very short (about 45 minutes) "Interview Sheet" -- which shows the client EXACTLY where in their business they're leaving a great deal of money on the table. I'm looking for a couple businesses within the group, here, who would like to help us "Beta-Test" this concept, and get feedback that we can post here on EOK. I've got a couple slots open each of the next three weeks. Anyone who would like to apply for this "gratis" run-through of their business or practice, just shoot me an email here, and tell me what your three biggest business challenges are right now, and what would be your short-term objective from the evaluation. We'll pick 3 or 4, and post the process and outcomes here on EOK! -- DrScot
Dr. Scot,

After exiting one business, I am in the process of starting a new business. I would prefer to do a lot of things right up front and not need a makeover later. I don't know if you your Extreme Business Makeover would make sense or not pre-launch, but I would like to know more about the process.
William Milam
Hi, William!

The whole 7 Steps works better with businesses that already have a customer list. However, the principals are universal -- so it would be good to make sure you have all the elements firmly in line, prior to your launch. I'd be glad to speak with you about it in person if you like. Feel free to email me at DrScotTN(at)comcast(dot)net and tell me more. We could meet for a cup at Panera and go over the outline and find out what your "Hidden Business Assets" really are!!
--Scot Chrisman (aka "DrScot")
I am trying to encourage my husband to try and market the program he created for the Bail Bonding Business that he works for. His boss tried a one or two of the few that are currently on the market and they were horrible so my husband created one for the business using MS Access. I think the program is superior to any of the others currently on the market or at least that we have seen. Neither of us have any experience in creating software or marketing. I am hoping to learn from this group. A wonderful list of resources you are offering. Thank you all for your willingness to share your expertise.



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