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EOK (Entrepreneurs of Knoxville) is a collection of Entrepreneurs/Inventors/Investors/Business Owners who meet regularly to share ideas and provide support to each other. If you go from one idea or concept to the next at the speed of light; if people stare at you blankly when you're explaining your new idea or gadget and say, "that'll never work" or "someone else is probably working on that right now"; if you feel alone and frustrated because you know the answers but no one will listen; then this is the place for you. We welcome you and your ideas. We can help you turn your idea into a business. We have small group meetings, larger social times, speaker series, fund raising events, etc. Please consider joining us and participating.

Here we help each other become more successful. We do NOT sell to each other; this is NOT a business card trading group; this is NOT a referral network; this is NOT a place to advertise/market/promote your goods or services. If you participate in these practices, you will be warned once then removed from the page.

Every member brings their unique experience, expertise, and personality to the others. We all have something to contribute and we all have something to learn. Every member is critically important to the success of every other member.

EOK Schedule for Weather

Our general policy is if Knox County schools are closed, EOK will not hold any official events. If schools are opening later, then we will still meet.


E.O.K. members meet at different times throughout the month. Our events page is updated frequently. 

EOK Meetings

We have two types of Meetings. First, is our monthly mixer. This is a time for Members and Non-Members to network and connect. Second, is our Small Group Sessions. This is only for Members and you must be placed in a Small Group:

  • Monthly Mixers
  • Small Group Sessions
    • Weekly - Day and Time Agreed to by Members
    • Held at various locations including online via video conference
    • Check with your Small Group Leader for details
    • Not in a Small Group? Shoot an email to 


Member participation is heavily encouraged at monthly EOK meetings, iTrailReadiness programs, iTrailGuide sessions and special events.  EOK is all about the interaction between members.  Members contribute to the success of other members by sharing their experience, knowledge and insight.

Business Relationship Building

EOK is not a networking organization.  However, participating in EOK by sharing your expertise and insight with the group, other members learn about you and your business. Many joint ventures, partnerships and other types of working business relationships have been established between EOK members.  It is natural by-product of participation rather than the primary focus.  


Weekly meetings are not a place to distribute promotional material of any kind.  Members who disregard this policy will be approached by a board member asking them to cease.  On rare occasion the member may be asked to leave the organization for not following the guidelines.

What's the policy on contributing content to EOK?

EOK Content Guidelines
EOK is a place to collaborate and contribute to each other’s success through sharing knowledge, experience and ideas. On many EOK sites content submission is strongly encouraged.  Submitted content will go into a queue and, if approved by the EOK Board, will be published.

EOK Member Site (

The Blog section is reserved for members to provide helpful information, insights, and experience to their fellow EOK members. We encourage every EOK member to maintain a blog for this purpose.

The Forum discussion section is more open to promotion of products/services, requests for input, classifieds, etc.  As of October 20, 2011 submitted posts will no longer automatically appear on the homepage. The forum section is moderated and each forum must be approved by the EOK Board.

If a member publishes content that does not meet the EOK content guidelines the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Member will be contacted by an EOK board member and asked to move the content
  2. Member must remove the content within 2 days of the request
  3. If the content is not removed within 2 days it will be deleted from the site
  4. If the member continues to post content that does not meet the guidelines, the member may be deleted from the EOK site

Member Profiles – member profiles must be that of an individual, not a company.  Further, the name of a profile must also be an individual. Company names are not permitted.

Slack Workspace (Members Only)

The Slack Workspace is only for Members. This is where we really put the rubber to the road. We have channels for Crowdsourcing, Fundraising, Co-Founder Matching, Need Help Now, and more. This is also where you engage your small groups. So, if you're not on slack, shoot an email to or just signup.

EOK LinkedIn Group

The discussion section on LinkedIn follows the same guidelines as on the EOK Member site. It is reserved for members to provide helpful information, insights and experience with their fellow EOK members. That said, we truly encourage frequent involvement by our EOK members. This will help make the group a true destination spot for entrepreneurs.

The promotions section on LinkedIn is reserved for promoting products, services and events.   

Members of the EOK LinkedIn group can freely post promotions, jobs and comments.
Discussions are moderated to ensure posts meet the EOK content guidelines. Submitted discussions may be moved to the promotions section or deleted at the discretion of the group manager.

EOK Facebook Group

Posts on Facebook follow the general guidelines for the member site and LinkedIn.

A group administrator may, at their discretion, remove a post; remove a member or ban a member from the group if the guidelines are not followed.

EOK Social Media Platforms

All other EOK social media platforms adhere to the same content guidelines described in this document. Administrators on each platform have the authority to remove content or members if the guidelines are not followed.


How can I add my own events?

Members may add events to the calendar. The events section is moderated and each event must be approved by an EOK admin. We do have some criteria for adding events to the EOK calendar.

This does not apply to official EOK programming.  These events are scheduled by the board.  If you have a speaker or topic suggestion for please contact a board member.

1. Event must be discounted for EOK members
2. Event must be Educational/Informative/Social
3. NO Sales Pitches or "Bait & Switch" type events

How can I help?

Create an account. If you have a twitter account, follow eoktown; if you don't have a twitter account, get one. Add the EOK badge to your website, facebook, blog, etc. linking back to EOK. Start posting blog entries about cool, new, exciting ideas, products, concepts, etc. Tell your story in the form of a blog entry. Share articles. Start a group. Tell us about your latest project. Suggest a speaker or venue for our next meeting. Schedule an event and invite other members to join you for dinner, drinks, brainstorming, etc. Donate time to working on the site. We need a logo, some graphics, advertising, etc. Just jump in and start doing. For more things to do, check out this page.

What does it cost?

EOK Membership dues are $100.00/year.  You can pay your dues here with a Credit Card or feel free to mail a check to:

Entrepreneurs of Knoxville
1202 Kenesaw Ave
Knoxville, TN 37919

Att: Member Dues

Membership benefits?

Please visit our EOK Memberships page for detailed information about membership.

  • 12 monthly lunches with guest speaker and shared best practices
  • iTrailReadiness™ program
  • Quarterly workshops (work ON your business)
    • iDentityGrid™
    • iBusinessPrototyping™
    • iTrajectory™
  • Peer Group membership
  • Mentor Assignment
  • Social Events including monthly Pub Night

How do I customize "My Page"?

You can drag-n-drop sections up or down on your page to change the order. You can also add HTML to any section of your page to get as creative as you like. You can change the Theme, modify the CSS, add files, add pictures, video, etc. Go crazy. If you need more help, checkout the Ning Network Creators and the Ning Developer Network Also, you can checkout this quick screencast by Leo using software Customize Your EOK Profile

Is there a member chat?

Yes, similar to Facebook in a bar at the bottom of your browser window.

How do I cancel my account? Or leave a network?

Here is a link to a help page on to help you with canceling your account. Leave a Network

How can I become a featured member?

1. Members of E.O.K. are featured based on their time and content contributions to the EOK organization.

More information about featuring members will be added as this benefit is further defined.

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